There’s a place
where only the wild hearts roam,
where the flowers don’t grow
in pretty lines or rows,
where the air is sweet,
but the soil is rogue,
we will meet you there soon,
where the wild things bloom.

Where the sunlight falls
like a kiss from the sky,
drenching through to the buds
sleeping under the vines
where the beating of hearts
sing a slow steady hum,
dawn til afternoon
where the wild things bloom.

Where the colours dance out
from the tangled up stems,
shades of pastel and sage
soaked with sweet honey blends,
here time is transcended
and light itself bends,
hear the breeze sign and swoon,
where the wild things bloom,

And as light starts to fade
and the sun she makes room,
for the night creatures reign
hear the twilight birds croon,
then by darkness embraced,
disappear without trace,
serenading the moon
where the wild things bloom.

Where amid the soft tumble
of days into nights,
moving with the wild rhythm
find a creature divine,
draped with shades of the petals
falling for her light,
you can smell her perfume
where the wild things bloom,

She is layered in spring time,
and as gentle as rain,
fingers dripping with wonder
by gold she is stained,
to know her is magic
you won’t forget soon,
and she waits there for you
where the wild things bloom.

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Shoot Location - Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory
Photographed by - Vicki Miller Photography
Words By - Cheriese Anderson
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