Our Story

Your vibe they say, attracts your tribe. Here’s a little about ours...

We aren’t your typical family next door, dancing to a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday tune.

We are Buck Wild Country. Just a small family in, designing beautiful clothes on our small kitchen floor. 

We move to our own beat. We like our boots dusty and nails dirty. Spare time isn’t wasted on us when there’s an ocean waiting to be tasted, flames begging to be lit and open outback roads calling our name. The only gold we chase is in the last rays of sun setting behind rolling hills.

Our nights are spent looking up at central Queensland skies counting stars and our blessings until we can’t count anymore. We don’t walk on the wild side, we live there. And we look damn good doing it.

Lacey, Brodie, Sadie, Clay & Westin xx