When Cosmic Cowgirls was released we were bound to attract the mystical and wild.  It’s no surprise that Country music trio Vixens of Fall were drawn to this range.  We were so excited to see Buck Wild Country featured in their latest video for ‘Break It Easy’.  We knew we had to catch up with the sisters to find out a little more about them and their journey in the country music scene.

Introduce yourselves:
Hi! We’re Vixens of Fall! We are 3 sisters, Nina, Wren and Lulu, originally hailing from the land of sugar cane fields, hotsummers and cyclones place that is Cairns! We think it describes us well… sweet, hot and a little bit crazy… haha But! You can now find us residing in north Brisbane!

The Wild Aries Tee

How did you become “Vixens of Fall”?
We were born. Haha we’ve been singing all of our lives! Every morning before school, we would have to bribe dad with a cup of coffee for him and mum so he would play guitar for us. He had 3 display folders full of them (still has them ‘til this very day) and we would choose our favourite and sit on the end of their bed and sing along to all of them. We think it was dad’s dream to have us form a band, but it was honestly, truly, never on our radar. It wasn’t until Nina came back from a teaching stint in Cairns in 2014 that we finally sorted ourselves out, and formed Vixens of Fall. She arrived on the Friday and Wren had booked us in for a singing lesson on the Saturday! Lulu had no choice either. She was 16, still in school, and thrown in the deep end. Haha classic big sister tings.

The Wild Aquarius Tee

What inspired you to write your new single “Break It Easy”?
We have been extremely honoured and privileged throughout this crazy adventure of ours. All of our hard work and taking every opportunity we can from over the years has led us to meeting and working with some of the best creative minds in the industry. Although 2020 certainly brought it’s wrath to the world, we have continued to work hard and find the silver linings wherever we can and it brought us the invaluable opportunity to connect with Gina Jeffreys and Rod McMormack. They have been instrumental in finding another pathway for our music to travel down whilst giving us a sound that stays true to who we are.
We wrote “Break It Easy” with the amazing Gina Jeffreys and Nashville hit songwriters Sam Gay and Templeton Thompson. This song tells the tale of a heart that has been broken one too many times and as a new love begins, there can be a bit of hesitation to dive in deep. There is the underlying wariness of future heartbreak because of the past hurt. We think many, many people can relate to being a bit cautious about letting yourself love again!

What is your style, what inspired you for these looks for this amazing cover?
This was a gypsy, witchy, boho, cosmic cowgirl road trip vibe! We felt that it was perfect for this single. It was a freedom trip. We just wanted to get out and explore! And of course, this is just what we came up with. Our style changes all the time, and yet, it’s still consistent and true to who we are.

The Wild Sagittarius Singlet

What’s one of the wildest things that has happened for you since being in a band?
Just one?! How can we pick just one?! This whole ride has been insanely fun and we’ve loved every moment. Walking the red carpet at the 2020 Golden Guitars was an incredible time. Tamworth 2020 as a whole was so important and astonishing in itself! We came second in the Aristocrat Entertainer of the Year and we won Tamworth Battle of the Bands. We had an insane amount of gigs and just met some amazing and wonderful people. And to know and hear praise from people (besides our parents of course.. but from people we barely know or don’t know at all) is wild. For them to believe in us just so dang much, is amazing! Kelly Crosby and Gina Timms! Amazing. And working with Gina Jeffreys and Rod McMormack is probably one the most ‘wow’ moments for us. They have introduced to even more wonderful people (Sam and Tempy) and really made us feel a part of their little country music family; that is so important to us. To have such aspirational people to look up to and to guide us through this crazy journey!

Keep up with the Vixens of Fall trio on instagram @vixens.of.fall, you might catch them in a town near you!

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