“She’s got an appetite for chasing dreams, good times and sparkling night skies and she ain’t planning on going hungry anytime soon...”

Taking all the celestial magic of astrology, stirring with a little sweet bohemian honey and a shot of that wild western flavour for that burn that keeps us coming back for more.

This beautifully whimsical yet completely badass collection has been an aching dream of Buck Wild Country's creator Lacey Long since first realising her passion for astrology and fashion and how the two could be merged to create an ethereal collection to make the gypsy’s, cowgirls and everyone else in between swoon.

The promotional shoot process fell together like it had been waiting in the heavens for a thousand years to burst to life.

As if the stars themselves aligned, Lacey found herself with 13 models who by no intention or knowledge of anyone involved in selecting them, so happened to perfectly fill the 13 signs of the zodiac with their own real signs worn on their shirts. If that isn’t a sign of things meant to be, then what is?


Powered by an incredible group of vendors in the Townsville and surrounding areas, it would be remiss not to praise the way the shoot process was transformed into otherworldly art by the hair and makeup styling of Beloved Bohemian, Georgie’s Beauty Room and Drew Artistry, the stellar blooms by The Blossom Shoppe all captured in the most alluring light by Vicki Miller Photography and Robbie Bolton on videography.

She’s spent the last year brewing to utter perfection behind the scenes, now Cosmic Cowgirl is finally ready to be set loose on the western fashion world - bottoms up.

Written By Cheriese Francoise Anderson

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